#Sudhvir Singh

Building Healthy Cities and Establishing the Foundation for a Sustainable Environment

With the changes in global environment, various countries encountering problems relate to drop in birth rates, rising in adult death rate, increase in non-communicable disease, and aging society. The key to lay a solid foundation for the country's sustainable development is the plan to create “Healthy Cities”. Given Taiwan’s diverse environment, experts and scholars from various fields gathered in the "2019 Global Health and Sustainable Development Forum" to share the secrets of development of “Healthy Cities”.

打造健康城市 奠定環境永續的基礎

面對大環境的變遷,各國相繼面臨少子化、成人死亡率提升、非傳染疾病增加、高齡化社會等問題,如何奠定國家永續發展的深厚基礎,健康城市打造計畫成關鍵,臺灣擁有多樣態的環境,不同領域專家學者齊聚「2019 全球健康與永續發展論壇」,分享健康城市促成的小秘訣。

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