Taiwan is One Answer to Drug Shortage

Drug shortage is a challenge beyond regional borders. It has become a global issue since 2011. Based on the facts of high quality talents, relatively lower labor costs and modern automated factories, Taiwan can provide higher quality generic drugs when the drugs are in short supply. Of all the drugs that are used in the National Health Insurance scheme, 75% are supplied by local manufacturers. More than half of Taiwan pharmaceuticals can swim the tide. It proves that Taiwan pharmaceuticals can do their part for supplying high quality drugs and make changes to the drug shortage issues.

藥物短缺 台灣是解答之一!

藥物短缺(Drug shortage)不只是地區性的問題,從2001年開始,已經逐漸轉變為全球性的問題。台灣擁有高知識水平的人力、相對較低的勞動成本,以及較早進行自動化生產的現代廠房。使得即便國際藥廠出現藥品短缺的情形下,台灣都有相對較高品質的學名藥以供因應。台灣在全民健康保險的用藥數量中,本土藥廠暫總數量的75%,並且有一半以上的藥廠具有外銷的能力。顯見在全球藥品短缺的重要時刻,台灣高品質的製藥工業可以盡一份心力。