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Acusense Biomedical Proposes Solutions to Leakage

In response to the growing needs in patient safety and risk management, Acusense Biomedical decided to enter the intradialytic blood leakage alarm market. This alarm is equipped with medical wearable technology, multi-bed monitoring care system and AI prediction program. It aims to solve problems like needle fall-off and blood leakage in hemodialysis catheter, critical care catheterization, chemotherapy catheter and general types. Through leakage prediction and monitoring, patient safety and healthcare quality can be improved.

管路脫落漏液! 翔安生醫解決照護問題

有感於病人安全 (Patient Safety)、醫院風險管理 (Risk Management),翔安生醫以脫針漏血管路安全臨床需求切入醫療市場,此裝置具有醫療級穿戴技術,多床監控系統技術及人工智慧AI預測技術,致力解決臨床脫針、漏血等問題,主要針對血液透析管路、急重症管路、化療藥物管路及一般病房管路等,以預測及監測脫針漏血核心技術的公司,提升醫療安全及照護品質。