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In response to the growing needs in patient safety and risk management, Acusense Biomedical decided to enter the intradialytic blood leakage alarm market. This alarm is equipped with medical wearable technology, multi-bed monitoring care system and AI prediction program. It aims to solve problems like needle fall-off and blood leakage in hemodialysis catheter, critical care catheterization, chemotherapy catheter and general types. Through leakage prediction and monitoring, patient safety and healthcare quality can be improved.

Ranked the Third Major Safety Issue in Taiwan Hospitals – Catheter Dislodgement

According to Taiwan Patient Safety Reporting System, catheter dislodgement has been regarded as the third major safety issue for 5 years in a row, representing 13.3% to 15.7% of all abnormalities. During accepting an infusion, leakages may occur due to the facts of restless patients, cognitive impairment, depression or medical staff shortage. While the hospitals fail to provide continuous monitoring, endless complications and disputes are sparked off which burden the hospitals with great responsibilities and costs. Burdens as mentioned here include follow-up medical services like emergent bleeding control, blood transfusion, providing erythropoietin (EPO), hospital admission and legal liabilities like medical lawsuits and claims placed upon medical institutions and staff.

Add-on Features from Leakage Monitoring Device “Yogian”

Yogian, developed by Acusense Biomedical, is a portable alarm device detecting leakages and needle fall-off from AV fistula, AV graft or central venous catheter (CVC). It is equipped with smart sensor patch and alarm system. The smart sensor adopts flexible substrate and dynamic translinear circuits. With multi-channel monitoring technology, it can reach 0.5-1ml threshold value for leak detection to avoid misjudgments and extra care burden. Shaped as thin and hollow rounded, with multi-point fitting design, it can be aligned with the needles and comfortably bended around the arms.

The alarm device is lightweight and wearable. The sticker patches attached to it can be pasted onto the arms to avoid tangled wires. Yogian has passed clinical trials in Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital Tainan Branch, received certification from Symbol of National Quality and related results been published in International Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare held by leading medical journal BMJ. It has been well received by doctors and registered nurses. Medical appliances consultants from WHO also shared their interests towards this device.。

Information No More Blocked by Distance

Equipped with wireless Bluetooth technology, the latest generation will send signals to the gateway and display the information onto websites, mobiles and tablets. It can be applied to multi-bed monitoring and remote care for either home dialysis patients or nursing staff to instantly signal warnings. Besides, it can be connected with Wi-Fi hemodialysis machines. Complying with IEC/PAS 63023 standards, it can send wireless detection signals to the machines so that when a leakage occurs, we can stop or slow the blood flow to avoid massive blood loss. To catch on the global catheter market and to embrace the smart monitoring device trend, we aim to focus on smart solutions to all kinds of intravenous indications. Solutions associated to ICU, blood stream infections, chemotherapy catheters, hypertonic infusions and intravenous drip infusions are all inclusive.

Share the World’s Concern, Patient Safety is Our Drive for Innovation

“Patient Safety” is a health agenda for WHA and coincided with Acusense Biomedical’s core value, “Commit to Assist Hospital to Create Safer Environment !” While the technology keeps advancing, how to improve care quality and sense pf trust and safety is the mission we’d like to bear. Taiwan’s innovation and abundant medical experiences allow us to solve catheter dislodgement issues with innovative medical devices for other countries, and moreover, to make contribution to global medical care safety.





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